Chez Lucette: a New Eco-Friendly Grocery store in Saint-Quentin

August9, 2018
by interncwc

You may have already walked past a little wheelbarrow in the streets of Saint-Quentin-La-Poterie. Formerly used by Lucette to fetch wood, it is nowadays the symbol of the village’s newest grocery store. Since May, Gaëlle has been paying tribute to her grandmother (who loaned not only her wheelbarrow but also her name ), with her eco-friendly shop: Chez Lucette.

“We are looking for bio-coherence

With Thibault, they offer local products, from organic farming or from an eco-friendly mentality production: “We are looking for a bio-coherence in the products we offer, [bio is the French term used for organic]. What is the point of selling organic fruit that has traveled the world? The carbon footprint is much higher!”. Fruits, vegetables, grains, spices… You can find almost everything you want locally.

Chez Lucette - Gaëlle & Thibault


Another action for the environment: Chez Lucette is a bulk grocery store – a zero-waste grocery store if you will. If you do not come with your own packaging, you can find what you need on site. Weigh your jar first, fill it, and only pay for what you buy! You can even use the wheelbarrow if you are overloaded. This allows both the elimination of plastic packaging, but also the end of food waste.

Chez Lucette


Supporting Sustainable Development

Chez Lucette not only is the small village convenience store that was missing in Saint-Quentin, but it also allows a real social cohesion in the village. With their initiative, small producers are becoming better known, and the shop works with local artisans – as evidenced by the use of local pottery to preserve dry products.

Chez Lucette


Since its opening in May, the grocery store has been very popular with locals and tourists. The advantage it has over large chains? It offers organic products at an attractive price by eliminating transport and packaging costs. Next step: the introduction of a fresh department in the shop!

Chez Lucette: 7 Place du Monument, 30700 Saint-Quentin-La-Poterie. Go!

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