Virtual French Cooking Classes with Chef Eric

For that special gift. For a taste of France in your home kitchen. For a birthday. For a family get-together. Virtual Cooking Classes straight from France to you.

Online French Cooking classes

So you can’t make it to France this year but you’d still like to participate in a French cooking class. We’re bringing you a virtual French cooking course series that will be sure to please you lovers of French food & culture. With four options to choose from you could be baking up delicious homemade bread, dazzling your family with homemade pâtés and terrines at your next family picnic, endulging in tasty teacakes & gluten-free cakes, or getting ready for your next cocktail hour with some French tapas.

These courses are fun, interactive, & informative. Chef Eric will guide you every step of the way to make this exciting new way of sharing our love of French food with you. And for those who want something tailor-made or are looking for an exciting way to bring distant family and friends together, we are happy to offer you our Private virtual cooking lessons.

Not sure you’ll have time for a full course? We offer courses running from 1 day to multiple days depending on the course content. You can participate in either part of the course or the full number of classes for a fraction of the cost.

Take part in a virtual French cooking experience for your friends and family. We’re bringing French cooking straight into your home kitchen through an interactive online cooking class. Cook along, ask questions, and enjoy!


A 7 part virtual bread baking course taught by chef Eric. Master the art of bread baking from the comfort of your home kitchen. A bread-baking course for all lovers of great, homemade bread. Come bake delicious bread with us!


A 2-day virtual French dessert class. Learn to make delicious French cookies and cakes. We’ll prepare, madeleines, financiers, & gluten-free cakes, and more. Yummy, hands-on, and interactive. Join us from your home kitchen!


A virtual French tapas class. 2-day French apéro cooking class. We’ll teach you Provencal and Mediterranean dishes to accompany your next cocktail hour. Chef Eric will be your guide throughout 2 interactive virtual sessions.


An online French cooking lesson over 2 days of interactive, relaxed, hands-on cooking with Chef Eric as your guide. You’ll learn to prepare a variety of pâtés and terrines from start to finish to share with family and friends.


Meet Chef Eric for lunch or dinner for one of our cooking classes online. We’re bringing the taste of France to your home kitchen. Prepare a delicious 3-course meal. A great way to connect distant friends, family, & France.


All our virtual courses are run on Zoom. We’ll provide you with the recipes, the shopping lists, and some tech advise to get you geared up and ready to chop, mix, & bake all from the comfort of your own home kitchen. And who knows? Maybe this will entice you enough to  make you want to join us for one of our French cooking classes or culinary holidays in France.

Prices are for the full course and per participant. A participant refers to one computer connection so in theory you could be multiple people on the same computer but we prefer you limit the numbers to 1-3 people max if you can. This is so that you can enjoy the experience fully and so we can provide you with focused interaction.

See you online!

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