Frédéric Duverger

A certified French sommelier, Frédéric worked over 12 years in fine-dining restaurants in New York, Gijon (Spain), Montréal, Ajaccio (Corsica), Paris, Cannes & Monaco as an executive restaurant manager.

A Bordeaux native, wine has always been a passion for Frédéric, who decided to take that passion one-step further in pursuing his studies at the prestigious WSET in London (Wine & Spirit Education Trust), thus earning a diploma in world wines & spirits.

He created his company CannesYouTaste in 2013, offering wine classes for amateurs and wine aficionados alike, to teach the art of wine tasting and appreciation.

Find Fred teaching our cheese & wine pairing class as well as teaming up with Chef Eric for our Chef’s Table Food & Wine pairing class and the Week in Uzès.


by Frédéric Duverger

Harvest time or hardest time for winemakers?

Ever wondered why that bottle of wine costs so much? While there are many factors that go into pricing, the weather plays a major part. See how climate change and global warming has affected winemaking in France.

by Yetunde Oshodi-Fraudeau

A Picnic in the South of France with the Horse Whisperer

Have you ever dreamed of riding in a horse-drawn carriage? It was with great delight that we ventured on a tour of the French countryside with our guide headed out for a picnic lunch. All part of our Week in Uzès culinary holiday program.

by Frédéric Duverger

Champagne – Méthode Champenoise – Champagne’s mystery uncorked

Can you call it champagne if it is not from Champagne? What is the méthode champenoise? What grapes are used in making champagne? When do we drink champagne? What’s the big deal anyway? While you might know the answers to some of these, you are likely to learn something new – I did.

Sommelier Blogger Fred, current, Instructor