Here’s what you missed from our February 2019 Newsletter

February18, 2019
by Cook'n With Class
February newsletter

From our February 2019 Newsletter.

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In the month of February, we had brunch on our mind. Yes, I know, not typically what comes to mind when you think about French cuisine, but believe it or not, brunch is really a thing here – at least in most major cities. So we decided to give you some ideas to bring a French brunch home wherever you may be with two delicious recipes and loads of information on the cooking seasons ahead.

Restaurant TEN

When you don’t feel like preparing brunch at home, it’s good to have your go-to restaurant. Here’s one of our favorites in Uzès.

Let’s Eat

February newsletter

New in Uzès – Culinary Packages

We’ve put together two new pre-paid packages for you food lovers, our kitchen fundamental series and the French cooking classes 4-pack. Pick a package tha works best for you and save.

Purchase your package!

february newsletter

We’ve put out some new classes this year that we think will be of particular interest to those who are more familiar with Uzès. Here’s your chance to hone your skills in our new Bistro cooking class, Knife skills course, dough making class, & sauce class. We’ve already redesigned our dessert classes making each of these offerings now available bilingually.  So what are you waiting for? Book a French cooking class today!

Brunch ideas

And of course, we had some tasty recipes this month to share with brunch ideas you can try at home.

So that wraps up this last month of the year. For more exiciting news from the south of France and other exclusive content, be sure you don’t miss out next month. Sign up for our newsletter!

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