Here’s what you missed from our March 2019 Newsletter

March12, 2019
by Cook'n With Class

Here’s what you missed from our March 2019 Newsletter.

Spring is on its way. The flowers are budding and so are we! We’re shedding the last of the Winter blues in our March issue with one last hurrah! This month’s tasty recipes included the chef Eric’s Coquille Saint Jacques à la Bretonne and homemade quince paste. Yum!

We talked about the opening of Van Gogh’s starry night light and sound display in les Baux de Provence in our Uzes and Provence happenings and gave you tips on how to make your way through the various brocants and antique markets throughout France like you mean business.

If you didn’t get the news, you missed out on the special offer on our Week-long cooking holiday in Uzès with chef Eric. But if you ask nicely, we’d be happy to tell you all about it.

We made a little selection for our subscribers of recipes to chase away the last of the Winter blues, from cheese soufflés to hazeulnut spreads.

Navarin d'agneau

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gluten free bread

Gluten-free bread class

Sometimes the choice to go gluten-free is not a choice at all. When our special guest Marjorie Jego’s battle with cancer caused her to take a hard look at the foods she eats, gluten-free was the only logical choice but giving up good bread was not an option!  Now in complete remission and stronger than ever (just ask the students in her Zumba and Strong classes), she is ready to share with us, her “secret” recipe to delicious gluten-free bread and more importantly how to prepare it properly. Join her March 31st at our school in Arpaillargues for a 3 hour bread baking course from 3PM. If youare interested in signing up, please contact us for details. 60€/person

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New classes in Uzès

We’ve put out some new classes this year that we think will be of particular interest to those who are more familiar with Uzès. Here’s your chance to hone your skills in our new Bistro cooking class, Knife skills course, dough making class, & sauce class. We’ve already redesigned our dessert classes making each of these offerings now available bilingually.  So what are you waiting for? classes starting at 80€/person

Discover our new classes

February newsletter

More Bread Baking Courses in Uzès

April 5-7, you could be baking bread in Uzès with chef Eric. Learn the techniques and recipes for perfectly baked homemade bread. This 3-day workshop will walk you through the steps needed in preparing good quality bread at home. Lunch is included each day. 350€/person

Can’t just us this April? Check out our other dates.

Let’s get baking!

This month’s recipe picks will help you shed the last of the Winter blues and step into the cool Spring sunshine.

So that wraps up this last month of the year. For more exiciting news from the south of France and other exclusive content, be sure you don’t miss out next month. Sign up for our newsletter!

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