La Grotte de la Salamandre

August7, 2018
by Yetunde Oshodi-Fraudeau
grotte de la salamandre
Rappelling in the Grotte de la Salamandre

Welcome to the land of Crystal Giants, that is how the website for the amazing Grotte de la Salamandre greets you. On your path to discover Uzès and the surrounding region, la Grotte de la Salamandre is a great addition to your to-do list. You don’t have to be a speleologist to appreciate caves and the amazing power of water. Stalagmites and stalactite are kings in this underground domain. 30 minutes from Uzès this is a wonderful visit for both big and small and at 12ºC, is a great way to cool down on one of our hot Summer days.

Our son is already quite the explorer in part thanks to his school and also based on the fact that we like to get around. We’ve already explored the Vallée de l’Eure with him and headed up into the Cevennes mountains for small hikes. So it made more than good sense to take him along on this new exploration. As it was during the pre-season, we had ourselves a very exclusive private tour (wasn’t meant to be private, just wasn’t anyone else present). The Grotte de la Salamandre is located in St-Privat de Champclos, but is only accessible from Méjannes le Clap.

Discovered in 1965 it opened to the public in 2013.

In the high season, there is a snack bar but you can pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the plunging landscape below from the terraced picnic area.

Mind you, you have to earn your visit, as parking is a little further away from the main entrance. But they have you covered, no boredom allowed as you learn about the local fauna and flora.

Truly worth seeing with your own two eyes, here are just a few of the photos I took in this cavern of the mighty crystals. Feel free to scroll through.

If you visit after April 2019 and weigh between 40-80 kilos (88lbs – 176 lbs), you can “fly” within the cave. Currently you can enjoy a guided visit, concerts, rappelling, backstage caving, and a splendid overview of the cave for people with reduced mobility from the belvedere. You can pay when you get there but you also have the option to reserve online – not a bad idea in the high season. They even have baby carriers at the reception desk.

La Grotte de la Salamandre

30430 Méjannes-le-Clap – Longitude: 4.3402 – Latitude: 44.258123
Tel : +33 (0)4 66 600 600


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Grotte de la salamandre

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