French Cooking Classes 4-Pack

Package Description

Learn to cook in France. Why take just one class when you can take up to 4 and save? We’re offering you a chance to jump into our delicious French cooking classes to satisfy your appetites for great food and great wine. You’ll learn about cheese & wine, Prepare decadent French desserts, learn to make perfect pastry dough, improve your knife skills, concoct sumptuous meals and of course, we didn’t forget the sauce. Select from a choice of 6 courses proposed in this package to create your own culinary experience in the south of France.

Includes 4 classes

PRICE: 280 euros (Adults)

Save up to 70 euros


  • Prepare several wonderful recipes you can recreate at home
  • Your pre-paid package is valid for 4 months. Use your package all at once or spread it out over the course of 4 months
  • Build your own culinary package from our selection of classes
  • No stress – fun and informative classes
  • Small class size means a more hands-on experience for you
  • Learn from an professional French chef in English

Our French Cooking Classes 4-pack includes:

Sauce Making – Master the mother sauces in this kitchen fundamental course on sauce making. In this class, you will learn how to make stock and various sauces to accompany, fish, meat, poultry or vegetables. We will cover a number of the mother sauces and some of their variants giving you a good introduction to French cuisine.

Dough Making – Pâte brisée, pâte sablé, pâte feuilleté, and more. What are the differences between these doughs? How do you make them? This class will take you through the basics of consistently making the perfect dough. You will learn how to make puff pastry dough, sweet and savory pie dough, and basic bread dough. All in a 3-hour class.

Knife Skills – Master one of the most important tools in your kitchen – your knife. Learn to chop, mince, slice, & dice. We’ll take you through the most common cuts in classic French cuisine. You’ll debone, you’ll filet, and learn about basic knife care and safety. We’ll use our cuts to whip up a tasty lunch, so there’ll be no waste.

Cheese & Wine Pairing – Let our chef & wine specialist guide you through a fine selection of local & regional French cheeses paired with French wines and learn valuable technics to make you French cheese & wine savvy in this 2-hour introduction to French cheese & wine.

Provençal Dessert Making – Come learn delicious & decadent desserts renowned in the South of France. Think fruits, nuts, and olive oil. In this class, we will delve into desserts such as the nougat glacé, the fougasse d’aigues mortes and use ingredients like safran & lavender.

French Bistro Cooking Class – Join us for a hands-on French cooking lesson where we revisit some of the great French bistro classics with a modern touch. you’ll prepare entrée, plat, & dessert. After the lesson, you’ll sit down and enjoy a 3-course lunch with wine.