Frequently asked question

La plupart de nos cours sont en anglais, néanmoins nous pouvons proposer tous nos cours en français avec la participation d’un minimum de 4 personnes. Nous avons également une classe proposé entierement en français, Cours de desserts et vous pouvez consulter notre site version française ici.

The majority of our classes are taught in English. We offer some classes taught in French and a we can propose a private class in English, French or Spanish.

Our general classes are limited to 6-8 people. This is to ensure that everyone has plenty of attention from the chef. We can however, accommodate private groups of up to 12 people.

As soon as you have your dates. Don’t forget that classes are only for up to 6-8 people depending on the class, so availability might be limited…

Please head over to our booking page where you will have up-to-date availability and can reserve your dates directly online. If you wish to book multiple classes, we would ask that you please book your first class for however many number of people you wish to reserve and once you have received your confirmation, you can then reserve the subsequent classes (which will be at 20% off for most options – the promotional code will be on your booking confirmation)

Please visit our home page for our updated course prices.

Yes, we do accept credit card payments with Visa, MasterCard, Amex.

Transportation is included from and to Uzès. You are free to follow us in your car to the school which is just 5 minutes drive away and where you will have free parking at the Musée 1900 in Arpaillargues. For the Market classes to St Quentin, you will be picked up in Uzès to go to St Quentin by car. More details will be provided at time of booking.

Transportation to the guest house and on all excursions will be provided for our Week in Uzès French Cookery holiday. Should you require transportation from your point of arrival to reach the house, please note that we will provide you with useful information to help you plan your arrival to Uzès.

All that you will need to participate in the day’s lesson will be provided for you.

The price includes the cost of ingredients. The only extra cost would be if you decided to invite someone who has not partaken in the class to join us for the meal. We limit each class meal to two guests only.

If you have any food allergies or other food restrictions, please be sure to mention it when you reserve. We have provided a further information/comment box for you to ask any specific questions or let us know about your particular needs.

Full payment by credit card is required to make a reservation, with the exception of our Week in Uzes where we require a 50% deposit and balance due 90 days before the start date.

We accept various forms of payment but the simplest way is by credit card through our on-line payment form. As soon as we receive the payment confirmation, we will send you all the details and information regarding the meeting point and location of the class.

If you book more than one class, we apply a discount of 15% for adults on the second class… This discount is based on further bookings and not number of participants in a class. This discount is not applicable to already discounted classes or specials or to our Chef’s Table, Cheese & Wine Class or Packages (ie Week in Uzès).

If you wish to book more than one class, please book your first class. Once you have booked, you will receive a confirmation which has the discount code to use when booking subsequent classes and benefit from the 15% off.

Children are more than welcome! For ages 16 and under the cost will be 100€ (this rate applies to our cooking classes & not Food & Wine Pairing, Cheese & Wine or Week in Uzes).

Please refer to our Cancelation policy below.

In the event that you need to cancel the class the following conditions apply:
– 30 days or more prior to the class, the fee is 100% refundable less a 50 euros cancellation fee per person.
– 30 days or less prior to the class, the fee is non-refundable however you may reschedule your class or transfer your class to another person within 6 months after the date of the class. If no reschedule occurs during this time the credit is cancelled.
– After the date of the class, the fee is non-refundable, and no reschedule is allowed.
– Our Week in Uzès French cooking vacation, if canceled 60 days before the start date is refundable at 50% of the total cost. Should you cancel within 60 days of the start date, no refund will be possible. You can postpone your date with notification at least 45 days before the trip and only one such change will be allowed for any given booking. Once changed, the new dates are final and non-refundable.
– For the 3-Day Bread Master Class, Cancelations made more than 60 days before the start date of your class are subject to a cancelation fee of 50% of the total cost per participant. Should you cancel within 60 days of the start date, no refund will be possible. You can postpone your date with notification at least 45 days before the trip and only one such change will be allowed for any given booking. Once changed, the new dates are final and non-refundable.
– Our Regular group Online classes are refundable if canceled before 7 days of the class date. We can add you to a later scheduled class should you need to change dates but we can not guarantee that it will be with the same class menu as this is based on availability. Private Online classes require notification of at least 30 days for any cancelations and will incur a cancelation fee of 50 euros. Date changes can be made up to 15 days before the event at no charge.

Note: We strongly suggest that all travelers purchase trip cancellation insurance to cover the trip in the event of natural disasters, health issues, and/or other unforeseen events or travel bans.

By booking with us, you are stating that you understand and accept the terms of booking and cancellation policy.

COVID-19 Pandemic, 2020. As a result of the declarations and ordances put in place by the French government, the WHO, and the international community in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our standard cancelation policy has been nullified in accordance with the Article 11 of Act No. 2020-290 of 23 March 2020 on emergency measures to deal with the covid-19 epidemic. This modification remains in effect ONLY during the fiscal year, 2020 and directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic. For a full translation of this law, please click here

COVID-19 Cancelation policy:

Due to the governmental orders set forth in March 2020, our school is closed until further notice. We remain hopeful that we will be able to resume classes from early May but we understand that many of our future customers may still want to cancel their bookings with us.

In light of these new circumstances, we will be offering a voucher credit to all new cancelations either due to the school’s closing or cancelations initiated by our customers, valid for 2 years from the date of your originally booked class. This primarily concerns all cancelations between now and April 30, 2020However, in light of the ever-changing circumstances, we understand that certain clients may still wish to cancel for bookings taking place beyond this period. 

Should your dates fall after April 2020 and you prefer to cancel your booking, we fully understand, however, please note that our standard cancelation policy has been suspended during this period of confinement.

What does this mean for your cancelations? We received an official decree from the French government (article 11 of law nº2020-290) informing us that at present, the epidemic is considered by the government as a case of force majeure. This, therefore, allows companies to exonerate themselves of any responsibility and not to carry out their contractual obligations.

It will therefore not be possible to offer any financial refund. We do not, however, wish to simply dismiss our clients’ requests and would prefer to offer a postponement for their bookings instead. As mentioned above credit vouchers will be issued for all cancelations either initiated by our clients or for which we are obligated by the government to initiate. These credits will be valid for a period of 2 years. We as a small business sincerely appreciate your understanding and patience in this unprecedented situation. Additionally, as the French government has declared 

Should you wish to submit an insurance claim and require any formal documentation to do so, we would be more than happy to provide it. 

In the Market Classes we prepare a 3-course meal, including appetizer, main-course and dessert paired with wine and including a cheese course served before the dessert. The menu is not decided ahead of time as it depends on what is fresh and in-season. We have a number of possible recipes for our dessert class however the list is not exhaustive. View our classes

Your friends and family are welcome to join us for the meal at the end of the class for a small additional cost of 35 euros per person. Please be sure to let us know in advance, how many guests you will be inviting as we limit each class to no more than 2 guests per class.

Children between 10 and 16 are more than welcome. Our classes would be at 100€ for them.

We do not personally have accommodations. However our partners will be able to assist you with holiday rental in and around Uzes. Visit our Links page for more details. Please note that accommodations ARE included in our Week in Uzès program.

Certainly! You will always receive recipes after you have taken a class with us, but if you are looking for more recipes to try at home, you can access our recipes here. When you sign up for our newsletter you will unlock many more recipes from our chefs both here in Uzès and in Paris. Registration is required on our recipe database as well as to the newsletter. Become a CWC ambassador and gain full access to exclusive recipe content.

Please contact us via email to discuss reselling our classes to your clients.

If you are interested in organizing a group of classes for a group, we can put together a proposal for you or your clients with either one-day or several day classes in Uzès.

Please contact us via email to let us know about your particular needs. Prices vary depending on how many people you wish to reserve for. We can accommodate up to 12 people maximum. Find out more about our customizable culinary packages here.

What a wonderful idea to offer a French cooking class as a gift for a loved one. You can purchase our vouchers online whether for a specific class or for a specific monetary value. Find out about our vouchers and purchase yours today here.