Multi-day cooking workshops in southern France

Want to extend your cooking experience in France? Take a look at our multi-day culinary workshops, cooking tours, and French cooking classes to sharpen your skills and explore the tastes of France. Chef Eric Fraudeau brings over 30 years of culinary experience to offer you multi-day bread making classes, culinary vacations in southern France, and customizable cooking courses over several days for professional as well amateur cooks.

Our culinary packages and workshops are for cooks of all levels looking to immerse themselves into French cuisine.

Come and plunge into French culture through its food.


6 days of cooking, baking, touring, and tasting. Hands-on French cooking classes. Explore markets, visit producers, and be immersed in French cuisine. All skill levels are welcome. 7-nights lodging included.


Learn to make bread at home like a pro. We’ll teach you the techniques you need to beef up your bread-making skills. This 3-day Bread master class in Paris is perfect for anyone who would like to learn how to make, maintain and use a starter. Open to bakers of all levels.


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