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A Virtual Cooking Classes - Learn to make perfect homemade bread from start to finish

We’re bringing the art of French bread baking right into your home kitchen with our virtual bread baking class focusing on bread. In this virtual bread baking series, you will learn the secrets of baking up nutritious bread from scratch. This series includes 7 lessons, 5 of which are LIVE interactive sessions with Chef Eric. You’ll bake along and get to ask plenty of questions.


Classes taught in English

Class Duration: 7 days; including 5 interactive Zoom sessions. Time required per lesson varies from 10 minutes to 3 hours
Price: 359€
Number of Participants: 6 maximum
Number of Recipes: 7 recipes
Average Food Cost: About 30 euros and assumes that you have some basic ingredients available in your kitchen (Salt, Pepper, Flour, Eggs . . .)

Timing & USA starting dates: Scheduled time is based on Paris time. Each LIVE session will start at 8 PM CET (Paris)|2 PM EST (New York)| 11 AM PST (Los Angeles)
Dates: August 2, 2020

Timing & Asia/Australia starting dates: 9 AM CET | 3 PM UTC+8 (Hong Kong) | 7 PM UTC+10 (Sydney)
Date: July 5, 2020
European time zones:
Please select a class date and time that best suits your schedule from the above dates and times

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  • Instruction in English
  • Shopping list provided with recipes
  • Technical setup instructions provided for you to enjoy your virtual experience
  • Hands-on French bread baking lesson
  • Link to class video so you can rewatch
  • Small group size
  • Interactive Zoom sessions & Instructional videos for work alone steps
  • Learn from an experienced French chef

In this 7-course virtual cooking series, Chef Eric will take you through the steps you need to become a serious home-made bread baker. The online series will guide you through making your own starter and keeping it healthy and alive to baking up delicious & nutritious bread with no additives and plenty of taste. Please note that this class runs over 3 weekends. Each session starts on a Sunday with a Live interactive class with Chef Eric followed by 2 videos for you to watch during the week to prepare for the second & third LIVE classes on Saturday & Sunday. The final two classes will take place 14 days after your first class date with LIVE Zoom sessions.

Please read carefully to ensure that you understand the class flow. LIVE sessions will take place on Sunday followed by two Saturday & Sunday sessions.

The Class Flow:

DAY 1 Sunday: Learn about & make your own sourdough starter, the different types of flour and the role of water, salt, yeast, the little extras (seeds and others), your oven, & other small essential equipment needed for breadmaking. Class Length: 1.5 hours LIVE

Recipes: Sourdough Starter

DAY 2 – Tuesday: (48 hours after the 1st day) I maintain my starter. Follow the video tutorial. Time Needed: 10 minutes

DAY 3 –  Friday: Refresh your starter to be used in tomorrow’s LIVE class. Make a poolish following the video tutorial. Time Needed: 20 minutes

Recipes: Poolish for bread

DAY 4 – Saturday (first Saturday session): My first bread by hand using the poolish: preparation of baguette dough with sourdough starter. We’ll prepare bread following the respectus panis method, moulded with Lentil or Chick Pea flour for tomorrow with the sourdough starter.  Dough for bread cooked in a cocotte. Class Length: 2 hours LIVE

Recipes: Baguette Tradition, Lentil Bread, Bread Cooked in Cast Iron Pot

DAY 5 – Sunday (Second Sunday session): Cook the Lentil Bread. Shape & bake Baguette. Bake the Bread Cooked in Cast Iron Pot. Class Length: 3 hours LIVE

DAY 6 – Saturday (second Saturday session): Prepare the ciabatta dough. Prepare dough for burger buns & multi-grain bread with seeds using a stand-up mixer. Class Length: 1.5 hours LIVE

Recipes: Ciabatta, Better Burger Buns, Multi-grain Bread with Seeds

Day 7 – Sunday (third Sunday) Shape & bake: Ciabatta, burger buns, & multi-grain bread. You’ll have lots of bread to share! Class Length: 3 hours LIVE

EXAMPLE Schedule: If we begin a session on Sunday, June 7 (LIVE Session), Tuesday, June 9th you complete Day 2, Friday, June 11 you complete Day 3, Saturday, June 13 (LIVE Session) Day 4, Sunday, June 14 (LIVE Session) Day 5, Friday you refresh your starter to prepare for the next day, Saturday, June 20 (LIVE Session) Day 6, Sunday, June 21 (final LIVE Session) Day 7


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Le Pain - Virtual Cooking ClassesA 7-course virtual bread baking class taught by chef Eric. Master the art of bread baking from the comfort of your home kitchen. A bread-baking course for all lovers of great, homemade bread. Come bake with us!Person
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