Kitchen Fundamentals – Dough Making

Kitchen Fundamentals: Learn to make the perfect pie dough

Pâte brisée, pâte sablé, pâte feuilleté, and more. What are the differences between these doughs? How do you make them? This class will take you through the basics of consistently making the perfect dough. You will learn how to make puff pastry dough, sweet and savory pie dough, and basic bread dough. All in a 3-hour class.


Classes taught in English

Class Duration: 3 hours
Price per person: 80€
Maximum class size: 8 participants
Language: This class is open to both French and English speaking and may be simultaneously offered in both langages.

Discounted rates given upon booking your second class. Book your first class and receive the promotional code on your confirmation.


  • Understand the fundamentals of dough making
  • Learn basic bread-making techniques
  • Prepare 4-5 dough recipes
  • Learn from an experienced French chef
  • Pick up skills and tips that you can apply to your everyday cooking
  • Hands-on cooking experience in a small group
  • Tasting of some of the preparations in class and the possibility to take the rest home
  • A glass of wine included

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What are the differences between these French pastry doughs: Pâte brisée, pâte sablé, pâte feuillété, pâte à sucre? How do you make them? What is the purpose of kneading dough or letting it rest? How do you troubleshoot your dough? This class will take you through the basics of consistently making the perfect dough. In addition to savory and sweet doughs, we will also show you how to make a basic bread dough. Our Dough Making class is part of our Fundamental kitchen series, which includes sauce making and knife skills. These classes can be taken together as a package or individually and will give you a good base in the kitchen for both amateur and more advanced home cooks. In this class, you will not only make the doughs but also two preparations using our dough: Quiche, a multi-grain baguettine (mini baguette), sugar cookies and the tarte fine aux pommes.

Chef Eric will guide you through the techniques of dough making while explaining the steps necessary for perfect dough making and helping you determine what can go wrong and how (if possible), you can fix it. We’ll end the class with a light tasting of your preparations along with a glass of wine. You will take home a pâte sablé and a pâte à tarte big enough to make pies for 6-8 people, to use at home.

Recipes will be emailed to you along with a troubleshooting guide.

Examples of doughs we will cover:

  • Pâte sablé
  • Pâte feuillété
  • Pâte brisé
  • Pâte sucré
  • Basic bread dough


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Kitchen Fundamentals - Dough MakingPâte brisée, pâte sablé, pâte feuillété, pâte sucré, and more. This class will take you through the basics of French pastry dough making. Learn how to consistently make the perfect dough. Savory & sweet doughs, as well as a basic bread dough, are included.


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