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An Online French Desserts Class - Learn French Pâtisserie

A trip to France could not be complete without a visit to one of the many wonderful pastry shops. But what if you could bring home the taste of Paris and indulge your sweet tooth without getting on a plane. We’re bringing you an online French desserts class where you will learn some of the most delectable classics in French pastry. Join our pastry chef for a sweet taste of France. Learn to make at home some of the delicious French desserts and pastries that line the vitrines of some of the best pastry shops in Paris; includes gluten-free French dessert recipes.



ONLINE French Pâtisserie Class taught in English

Class Duration: 2-3 hours
Price: 35€/participant*
Number of Participants: 8 maximum

*Number of participants refers to the number of individual connections to our zoom session. You can be multiple people in the same kitchen but we ask that you try not to be more than 2 people as much for your own benefit as for your fellow participants & chef-instructor.

Number Recipes: 2-3 recipes
Average Food Cost: About 20 euros and assumes that you have some basic ingredients available in your kitchen (Sugar, Flour, Eggs . . .)
Times: Times vary according to the date offered. Times listed in CET (Central European Time)


  • Instruction in English
  • Shopping list provided with recipes
  • Technical setup instructions provided for you to enjoy your virtual experience
  • Hands-on interactive lesson
  • Link to class video so you can re-watch
  • Small group size (you can be more than one person on one device but we would ask that you try to be no more than 2 as much for your enjoyment as for the other participants).
  • Interactive Zoom sessions & Instructional videos for work alone steps
  • Online baking class – so you cook in the comfort of your own home
  • Learn from an experienced French pastry chef

Classic French desserts brought to your home kitchen through our online French dessert class. Learn to make the French desserts that you have enjoyed on your trips to Paris. A tasty way to escape the day to day with a virtual trip to a Parisian pastry shop, chez vous!

Our Pastry chef will guide you through the steps needed to prepare delicious French desserts that will delight your sweet tooth and improve your skills and confidence in the kitchen! Your sweet tooth will thank you! Join us online from the comfort of your own kitchen and know that you too can make perfect French desserts at home. This class is offered punctually on specific dates so be sure to check the calendar on our website to see when we’ll be hosting the next class. Classes are always listed in CET (Central European Time). If you’re not sure of the time in your time zone, click here.

Don’t see a date that works for you? You can send us an email to suggest another date. If we are available we will propose the date and should we have enough participants, we will run the class. You may also wish to gather your friends and family for a private class customized for you. Please note that we need to give participants enough time to prepare with shopping for the class.

A link to the recording of the Zoom session will be provided after the class.

Let’s start baking!

The time the class is scheduled is based on CET (Central European Time). While we have tried to calculate the time in a few time zones, we ask that you please ensure you check your time zone.


This one is for all your meringue & chocolate lovers out there. Learn how to prepare the Pavlova with cream and seasonal fruit (Meringue based dessert, light, crispy on the outside and chewy and delicious on the inside) and the ever-popular, Molten Lava Cake (a decadent chocolate cake with its runny chocolate lava center – yum!). Bonus! They’re both gluten-free.

Recipes: Molten Lava Cake & Pavlova (baked French meringue), mascarpone cream with seasonal fruits

The Americas/Europe:

Saturday, February 13, 2021 3:00 PM CET Paris | 2:00 PM GMT London| 9:00 AM EST New York | 6:00 AM PST Los Angeles
Sunday, February 28, 2021 7:30 PM CET Paris | 6:30 PM GMT London| 1:30 PM EST New York | 10:30 AM PST Los Angeles

Special Tools: Candy thermometer (optional)


Who loves apple pie? We do! In this edition of our French Tarts series, we present you three French apple pies: Tarte fine aux pommes (flaky puff pastry crust and thinly sliced apples), Tarte aux Pommes Normande 
: Tarte fine aux pommes (note: we will not prepare the pâte feuillétée in class), Tarte Tatin: Caramelized apples & pâte sablée, & Tarte aux pommes Normande: Pâte sablée, apple & cream

The Americas/Europe:

Saturday February 6, 2021, 7:00 PM CET Paris | 6:00 PM GMT London| 1:00 PM EST New York | 10:00 AM PST Los Angeles
Saturday February 27, 2021, 7:00 PM CET Paris | 6:00 PM GMT London| 1:00 PM EST New York | 10:00 AM PST Los Angeles


Saturday, February 20, 2021, 10 AM CET Paris| 9 AM GMT London| 4 PM UTC+8 Hong Kong| 6 PM  UTC+10 Sydney


Learn this versatile French pastry dough recipe and some of the sweet ways you can enjoy it. This is the same dough and technics needed to make éclairs, chouquettes, gougères, & more. Perfect your skills in this introduction to choux pastry dough.

Recipes: Pâte à Choux (Choux pastry dough), Crème Patissière (vanilla pastry cream) with chocolate and Fruit flavors, craquelin (crunchy cookie top used on choux puffs).

The Americas/Europe:

Saturday, February 20, 2021 4:00 PM CET Paris | 3:00 PM GMT London | 10:00 AM EST New York | 7:00 AM PST Los Angeles


Sunday, February 21, 10:00 AM CET Paris | 9 AM GMT London| 4 PM UTC+8 Hong Kong| 6 PM  UTC+10 Sydney

Special Tools: Pastry bags, pipping tips


You may know the classic Charlotte aux fraises, that gorgeous circle of ladyfinger biscuits, filled with cream and topped with strawberries, well meet its cousin, the charlotte aux poires, because we like to keep with the season. This dessert is not only elegant topped with shaved chocolate becasue . . . why not? It’s also delicious and the best part is, you made it yourself!

Recipes:  Biscuit Cuillière (Ladyfinger cookies), Vanilla Cream, Poached Pears

The Americas/Europe:

Sunday, February 21, 5:00 PM CET Paris | 4:00 PM GMT London| 11:00 AM EST New York | 8:00 AM PST Los Angeles

Special tools: 2, 12 cm (4.75 inch) Tart ring (you can also use a bowl if you don’t have one), Stand-up mixer, pipping tips, pastry bags


One of the famous French desserts made from the most versatile of French dough recipes, the pâte à choux (choux pastry dough). This one is for the lovers of pralines and choux pastry.

Recipes: Pâte à Choux (choux pastry dough) & Pastry Cream Praliné, Homemade Praline Paste

The Americas/Europe:

Saturday, February 13, 7:30 PM CET Paris | 6:30 PM GMT London | 1:30 PM EST New York | 10:30 AM PST Los Angeles
Sunday, February 28, 3:00 PM CET Paris
| 2:00 PM GMT London| 10:00 AM EST New York | 7:00 AM PST Los Angeles

Special tools: Candy thermometer, food processor, stand-up or hand-held mixer, piping bags, plain pastry tip, small star tip (10mm – or whatever you have)

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French Desserts - Online Cooking Classes An online French desserts class from our Paris kitchen. Join our pastry chef for a classic French desserts class online. Learn to make boutique worthy French desserts all in the comfort of your home kitchen. Expert instruction for a hands on experience. Person
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  • 14th Oct
    Who knew gluten free could taste so good?!
    I have now taken two classes with Chef Sarah, both as they were gluten free - macarons and French desserts.
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    Thank you Oonagh! You are becoming one of our best students 😉. Thank you for testing out these new adventures with us. So happy we were able to bring you something that appeals to you. See you again, online - and hopefully, in person soon!