French Cooking with fish with market visit

A French Mediterranean fish class in Uzès

A class dedicated to fish & seafood. Learn how to prepare some of the most famous Mediterranean seafood dishes in this French Market cooking class in Uzès. We’ll start with a visit of the Saint Quentin Market to select our fish for the day. Back at the school, prepare classical dishes such as bouillabaisse or brandade de morue. This is an intensive hands-on experience for anyone who loves fish & seafood. If you a member of the class does not wish to have fish – no worries, we will prepare something for them as well.


Classes taught in English

Class Duration: 5-6 hours (includes market visit, cooking lesson, and 4-course luncheon)
Price per person: 150€
Children 12-16 yrs: 100€
Guest for lunch: 35€

Wanting to bring you the best market experience, we run our French market cooking classes every  Wednesday & Friday visiting either Uzès or Saint Quentin-la-Poterie (5 minutes from Uzès – transportation is provided as needed), for all that is fresh and in-season. Join us in class today.

Discounted rates are given upon booking your second class. Book your first class and receive the promotional code on your confirmation.


  • Hands-on experience in the preparation of 4 Provencal or Mediterranean seafood dishes
  • French Market visiting
  • Learn how to properly handle and prepare fish & other seafood
  • Small group size
  • Learn from an experienced French chef in English

Privatize this class

Want to privatize the class for your family or group?  Private class price: 600€ for up to 3 people (100 € for each additional person). Select Private Lessons on our booking page to send your private class request.

When we think Mediterranean cuisine, fish and shellfish often come to mind. Our French Market Fish Class will be held every Friday and includes a French Market Visit where you will learn how to select the best fish and seafood to make delectable Mediterranean & Provençal dishes. This hands-on class includes the preparation of several well-known mediterranean and Provençal fish dishes such as bouillabaisse, pissaladière, poulpe à la Sètoise, Brandade de Nîmes, to name a few. Put your fears of fish aside, you’ll leave this class feeling confident and knowledgeable.

The Occitanie (formerly Languedoc-Rousillon) and Provence regions of France both border the Mediterranean sea so it is natural that fish and shellfish are eaten in abundance. In this class, you will prepare some of the most popular dishes some of which you have undoubtedly seen on many a restaurant menu such as Bouillabaisse, Brandade de Morue, and squid salad. You will also use some typically consumed fish and shellfish to cook in a Mediterranean style – that means using tomatoes, basil, fresh green pepper, garlic, olive oil, eggplant and more.

This will be a wonderful French cooking experience during which you will learn how to handle fish, filet them, make a fish stock and learn to make sauces that will accompany various fish dishes. With the exception of the Morue (cod), all the fish and seafood we will use are Mediterranean. Most of these Mediterranean fish have close cousins in other seas so no worries about being able to re-use these recipes at home. This is as much a technical as it is a food tasting experience.

So as not to leave your palettes wanting, we will also make a quick dessert to accompany our lunch.

After we have finished our cooking we are ready to sit down and eat and enjoy our meal with some Provençal wines.

We end the class on a sweet note with dessert.


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French Cooking with fish with market visitWe will start off at the market, selecting the freshest fish & seafood. No need to be afraid of fish. We'll assist you to create the perfect fish stock, bouillabaisse and other Mediterranean fish recipes in a very hands-on French cooking class experience. Person
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