Customized Culinary Holidays                       

A Customized French culinary vacation in the south of France. Customized culinary packages with chef.

Let us customize a culinary vacation in the South of France for you with French chef, Eric Fraudeau. Interested in booking a customized French cooking package for your group or your clients or are you looking for some one-on-on training with a chef over several days? Our packages can include, but are not limited to, French market visits, cooking and baking classes and tours. Accommodations are not included in our customizable packages, however, we would be happy to refer you to some of our colleagues who offer housing.  


Classes taught in English

Class Duration: from 3-5 days
Price per person: Prices from as low as 200€/person/day for basic cooking lessons.
Minimum group size: 3 people
Maximum group size: 12 people
Children welcome from age 12
Please inquire should you have any non-participating guests


  • Hands-on experience French cooking classes
  • Possibility of French Market visiting
  • Customized learning experience to target your desires
  • You set the pace and the length of your course
  • Learn in English from a French chef with over 30 years of professional experience in France, the USA, Canada, & Mexico

Let’s design your customized culinary experience together. Our standard French culinary vacation package is our Week in Uzès . You may wish to use that as a base to determine what sort of package you would wish for us to build. You can also let us know what skills or recipes you would like to review with our chef so we can put together, for you, the perfect culinary package to suit your needs.

Classes can include (or not), market visits as well as hands-on cooking lessons. We can organize culinary tours for your group.

Should you require accommodations, we can refer you to our colleagues or if your group size is no more than 12 people we may be able to include accommodations in your package.

Packages can vary from 3-5 days. Please indicate if  us to assist you with accommodations.

Customized culinary holiday in France

Interested in a customized culinary holiday?

Use the inquiry form below to tell us what you’d like to include in your customizable culinary packages. Be sure to include as much detail about your needs so that we can offer you a comprehensive package and price.


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