A Taste of France – Virtual Cooking Classes

Join us for lunch or for dinner in this online French cooking class with Chef Eric Fraudeau

A Taste of France is just a Zoom call away. Chef Eric shares with you 3-4 delectable French recipes to add a bit of pizzaz to your lunch or dinner menu. Not just food, this is a cultural experience where your chef will share tips and tidbits about French culture and its food. An online cooking class CAN be convivial and fun! Join us and find out how.


Classes taught in English

Class Duration: 2-3 hours (includes a small break)
Price per household: 50€ 35€*

Discounted rates are given upon booking your second class. Book your first class and receive the promotional code on your confirmation.


  • Online and straight to your kitchen
  • Shopping list provided with recipes
  • Hands-on and interactive
  • Link to class video so you can review the lesson
  • Learn from an experienced French chef in English

*You can be multiple people on the same computer but we ask that as much as possible you try to limit it to two people if you can. This will help the flow of the class for everyone.

Come join chef Eric and prepare your lunch or dinner in an interactive online French cooking lesson.

In this class which we are offering using Zoom, you will have a chance to ask your burning questions about French cooking, interact with the chef to receive timely feedback on your cooking technique. You’ll also get to prepare delicious French dishes to enjoy on your own or with family and friends.

We’ll send you the recipe before class to get you set along with a shopping list and a list of basic tools you may need for class. We’ll start the class ensuring that everyone is well connected and ready to start cooking.

This class is offered punctually on specific dates so be sure to check the calendar on our Cook’n With Class Uzès website to see when we’ll be hosting the next class. The class is run at 6 PM Paris time. If you’re not sure of the time in your time zone, click here.

Don’t see a date that works for you? You can send us an email to suggest another date. If we are available we will propose the date and should we have enough participants, we will run the class. Please note that we need to give participants enough time to prepare with shopping for the class.

A link to the recording of the Zoom session will be provided after the class.

What you’ll be cooking:


July 18, 2020: 9 AM CET Paris| 8 AM London | 3 PM UTC+8 (Hong Kong) | 5 PM UTC+10 (Sydney)

July 19, 2020: 6 PM CET Paris | 5 PM London | 12 PM EST (New York) | 9 AM PST (Los Angeles)

Main Course: Classic Quiche Lorraine, Salade & Vinaigrette de Gradmère
Dessert: Tarte aux Fraise

Recipes: You will learn Pâte foncé pie dough for quiche, Homemade vinaigrette, Pâte sucré for Strawberry tart, & crème diplomate

*Please note that this class will last about 3.5 hours, including a 30-minute break due to the pâte sucré recipe (you can’t rush perfection).

Menu 2

July 18, 2020: 6 PM Paris time | 5 PM London | 12 PM EST (New York) | 9 AM PST (Los Angeles)

July 19, 2020: 9 AM CET Paris| 8 AM London | 3 PM UTC+8 (Hong Kong) | 5 PM UTC+10 (Sydney)

Appetizer: Soufflé au Fromage
Main Course: Steak au Poivre & Pomme Duchesse (Duchess Potatoes)

Recipes: The perfect cheese soufflé, Black peppercorn steak, Pomme Duchesse (towering mashed potatoes you’ll adore!)

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A Taste of France - Virtual Cooking ClassesMeet Chef Eric online for lunch or dinner in this online cooking class. We're bringing the taste of France to your home kitchen. Prepare a delicious 3-course meal. A great way to connect with distant friends, family, & France.Person
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