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Book your French cooking class in Provence. Book a French culinary vacation in the South of France. Book an ONLINE Cooking Class. Instant online booking of your French cooking class with Chef Eric Fraudeau.

Book your French cooking class and your culinary holiday in the South of France with Chef Eric Fraudeau and Cook’n With Class Uzès.

Why pay more? Book your French cooking class in Uzès directly online with Cook’n With Class Uzès. You will find the best prices for our courses here, so no need to book elsewhere. Most of our courses can be booked instantly online. For some of our courses (mainly private courses), you will need to submit a booking request which will be reviewed before any payment is made.

Book one of our delicious, informative, and practical cooking classes in Uzès. Are you interested in a cooking class with a visit to the market or a private lesson to hone your skills or to celebrate a special family event? How about joining us for a culinary holiday in the South of France or participating in one of our virtual cooking classes so that you can taste the flavors of France in your own kitchen?

You can consult the available dates for each course and book the dates up to 6 to 12 months in advance depending on the course. See a class you like? Click on “Book” to get more information about the class and to reserve your place. If a class is full, you can join the waiting list.

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We apologize for that. Our private lessons in the calendar view require a lot of internet resources. You can always go directly to the course page or click on the button “booking” on the course thumbnail on the All our classes page where it is sure to load faster. And thank you for your patience.

Former Clients?

If you are a former student, please contact us if you do not have the promotional code required to benefit from the maximum 10% discount you have obtained for all your following classes (offer valid for most but not all classes). Our code for returning students changes regularly, so if you book at a later date, make sure you have the correct code.

The discount must be taken into account before you submit your payment. If the code is invalid, you will receive an error message. If you are not sure if the code has been applied, please contact us.

Existing customers – if you have already registered or booked with us within the last 4 years (since 2016), please select an existing customer. If you have forgotten your password or don’t remember creating one, no problem, just click on the link Forgotten password?

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