Carrières de Lumières in les Baux-de-Provence

August20, 2018
by interncwc

There are many reasons to visit the Pays d’Uzès one of which is its location perfectly poised between the beaches, the cevennes mountains and Provence. The region is well worth a leisurely visit to take in so much of the natural and man-made beauty.  Beyond all the amazing things to do in and around Uzès, and with Uzès a manageable home-base, you definitely should venture off to Les-Baux-de-Provence. Located in the heart of the Alpilles, 1 hour from Uzès, Les Baux-de-Provence is one of the most beautiful villages in France, whose cobbled streets and castle are made of white limestone. Nowadays, they are known for its Carrières de Lumière.

Carrières de Lumières

Quarries were dug below Baux-de-Provence in order to build to the city. In 1959, Jean Cocteau, amazed by the beauty of the place, decided to shoot sequences from his film Le Testament d’Orphée here. He popularised the quarries which became a cultural space in 1975.

Today, they are known as Carrières de Lumières (Lights Quarries) and offer each year a new sounds & lights show to the delight of the general public – not to mention that they are a great place to cool down during the Summer heat. From March 2018 to January 2019, Picasso and the Spanish Masters are highlighted, followed by an exhibition Flower Power.


Picasso and the Spanish Masters

As soon as you enter the quarries, the white limestone walls are transformed into master canvases under the beams of a hundred projectors. During your stroll through the monumental space of the Carrières, you discover the dynamic projections at your own pace.

The first part features portraits and scenes from daily life of Goya, Rusiñol, Zuloaga, and Sorolla. The second part focuses on Picasso, undoubtedly one of the great masters and influences of 20th-century art, and offers a panorama of the great creative richness of his work.

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Flower Power, Pop Culture.

At the end of the Picasso exhibition, the lights turn on… and turn off immediately. You then dive into a huge city with colorful buildings and live the psychedelic art of the 60s with colorful graphics, giant flowers, and peace & love signs. You are transported by the iconic titles of Jimmy Hendrix’s, the Rolling Stones, & the Beatles.

A great activity to do after a provençal cooking class at Cook’n With Class Uzès!


Les Carrières de Lumière
Route de Maillane, 13520 Les Baux-de-Provences
Open daily from 9:30 am – 7:30 pm
Visit their site


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