A visit to Aigues-Mortes

September16, 2019
by Yetunde Oshodi-Fraudeau

Aigues Mortes is a commune in Provence and is your first step into the Carmargues region. When you think Carmagues, you think black bulls, white horses, pink flamingos, and salt. Yes, that’s right, salt.

The city of Aigues Mortes is well worth a visit while in the area. At just about 1 hour from Uzès and makes for a lovely day-trip. The medieval walls surrounding the city are extremely well-preserved. One of the major industries of Aigues Mortes is salt. Aigues Mortes is home to wonderful salt fields; open land piled high with several crystals of salt in different colors makes for a magical place to visit!

Considering a visit to Provence and the Pays d’Uzès, join us for a culinary week in the Gard Provençal

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A visit to Aigues-Mortes

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