A Taste of Provence and the Mediterranean.
Learn with a French chef in English in one of our culinary classes in France, Provence, Uzès.

Looking for French culinary classes in France? We offer French cooking classes in Uzès, France. You will fall in love with this area of France known as le Pays d’Uzès with its medieval and Roman vestiges.  And while here, enjoy French cooking classes in Uzès that will take you to the markets of le Pays d’Uzès, the surrounding vineyards, and to the heart of French food culture.  Looking for a fun, family-friendly activity to do while visiting Uzès and Provence? Are you interested in mastering French cooking? If you are visiting Provence and the Languedoc-Roussillon (now called l’Occitanie), and want to enjoy an experience you will not soon forget, why not consider a French cooking class in Provence.

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Take part in a virtual French cooking experience for your friends and family. We’re bringing French cooking straight into your home kitchen through an interactive online cooking class. Cook along, ask questions, and enjoy!


A 2-day virtual bread baking course taught by chef Eric. Master the art of bread baking from the comfort of your home kitchen. A bread-baking course for all lovers of great, homemade bread. Come bake delicious bread with us!


A 2-day virtual French dessert class. Learn to make delicious French cookies and cakes. We’ll prepare, madeleines, French cookies, & gluten-free cakes, and more. Yummy, hands-on, and interactive. Join us from your home kitchen!


Discover the art of French cooking in France

Exploring the food culture of France is a great way to get to know the French and to develop a palette for and appreciation of all the country has to offer. It is with this idea in mind – a Taste of France, a love of Cooking and a desire to share French culture with visitors that our French cooking school in Provence was born.

Chef Eric Fraudeau through his school, Cook’n With Class has been offering cooking classes in France since 2007. It all started in Paris. Chef Eric created this second cooking class in the South of France in a region rich for both its food and wine, to continue to share his passion for cooking with travelers like you. Through our French cooking classes in Uzès, you will explore French cuisine, specifically Mediterranean and Provencal with French market visits, local cheese & wine tastings & the occasional anecdotes.

Because we think, knowing the sources of your food and learning to eat with the seasons is the start to a healthier and more conscious way of living, and because we love the markets as much as you do, our French cooking classes start off with a local FRENCH MARKET TOUR with your French Chef. We return to the school for a HANDS-ON French cooking experience. We’ll dine together over a 4-course meal including French wine, French cheese & of course, French bread.  Don’t worry, we won’t forget the Apéro before the meal to reward ourselves for a job well done.

You will be introduced to a number of French recipes, inspired both by the season’s bounty and your personal tastes and will be mastering French cooking in no time. All our classes are taught in English, but can also be offered in French or Spanish by request.

The French Market classes are just one of several French cooking classes in France that we offer you in Uzès. You can learn about the wines of the Languedoc and beyond, through our wine classes & winery tours, become an expert in wine pairing with our food and wine pairing classes, indulge your sweet tooth in one of our Provençal dessert classes, master the art of bread making in a bread masterclass, or immerse yourself into French cuisine in a week-long culinary program. These and other seasonal classes are yours to explore and appreciate.

If you’re looking for a fun way to discover Provencal and Mediterranean French Cuisine through regional French cooking recipes while in the South of France, look no further than our French cooking school in France, Cook’n with Class Uzès.

Cook’n With Class Uzès will fast become your source for French cooking classes in France. Classes taught by a French chef in small group sizes – are the key to a successful culinary holiday in the south of France.

Discover things to do in and around Uzès and find out why you’ll fall in love with this Medieval city.

Learn more about our school, here.

It Starts at the Market


A Week in Uzès - French Culinary Holiday


French Market

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